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House Democrats (and Dree!) Call on Obama to End Family Detention

House Democrats (and Dree!) Call on Obama to End Family Detention

Yesterday, several prominent House Democrats called on the administration to end family detention.  Organized by Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren of California, the Democrats decried the Obama administration’s detention of women and children fleeing violence in Central America.  From the creating of a truncated form of due process in refugee protection to a novel interpretation of bond eligibility to conditions which have caused serious illnesses in the children being jailed by the administration, the entire experience of the gulag archipelago of detention centers was designed not to follow the law and protect asylum-seekers, but as a means of deterrence to other potential refugees. 

Board of Immigration Appeals Expands 212(h) Waiver Eligibility

The Board of Immigration Appeals has finally given in to the overwhelming weight of the opinions of nine circuit courts of appeals (there are only 12 of them) and accepted the proposition that a permanent resident who received his residence through adjustment of status and was later convicted of an aggravated felony may seek a waiver of inadmissibility under Immigration & Nationality Act sec.
Cinco de Mayo: What are we really celebrating?

Cinco de Mayo: What are we really celebrating?

Yesterday, Star Wars fans celebrated what everyone’s Facebook feed unofficially called “Star Wars Day” and everyone uttered “May the Fourth be with you.”  Today, many Americans will be shouting “Feliz Cinco de Mayo” and “Happy Mexican Independence Day” while many others (yours truly) will be exclaiming “Happy historical day that my ancestors defeated the French!”  What does that mean?